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Saturday night,on solitude rain

By :Kurnianza Christopher,March,5,2011,New Ponorogo the new building


On lonely night

I feel something

It was make me like as freaks

But it was make my heart like as flying on sky



SUNDAY NIGHT,on demonstratic have to blew up Mesir state

By: Kurnianza Gregory Christopher,march,6,2011,New ponorogo the new building


GAMBAR 1:Konflik Mesir








Bang…bang,..bang, this is Guns and bombs voice

It was blew up a lonely night on mesir

Very many people was to be has demonstration

For overburden Mubarak to order stoped

From his opposition.

Mesir who is very good looking state

With religious people inside

But…to show city full of abused

After there are demonstratic was to be attacked on mesir