Saturday night,on solitude rain

By :Kurnianza Christopher,March,5,2011,New Ponorogo the new building


On lonely night

I feel something

It was make me like as freaks

But it was make my heart like as flying on sky

I always Find ,what is I feel love?

But …is No way ,I never  found girls who true

However On the next day after I write this poem

There are a girl has smile to me.

With shirt black,shade bleck and with her veil

I don’t Know ,how her face ,her is an make me fall in love

But…..I hope her is an Girl like as I Want.

Who good attitude

Who Beatifully

Oh…my heart so exciting

I hope her is an to show my fate forever

Everyday I always to hope.

For meet her,,again and again

I don’t now ,what her is an has feel Love same like me

But I don’t care ,I don’t care and I don’t care…

Just I hope her came For to meet me.

And hope her is can to show Couple of my life

After I waiting ,her is was not came true

I still spirit ,I came for meet her

In the dry season ,I came to her home

But her is was noting on her home

Her is was go forever,her is go in sogen

Her is was die because in accident

Oh my love…oh my go to leave me,

My heart was very broken,after heared this news…..

Oh …..God why….?

Is now I just hope, Ican to meet her in sogen

And now just lonely,to veil my body

Just solitude…..solitude….and solitude…

Oh   ….I very missing you…my love. .(BY KURNIANZA)

  1. Realodix berkata:

    Translate mas jadi bahasa Java.. hehe

  2. adminreza berkata:

    ndak mudeng blas mas,,

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